Remember Playing the Game?

August 24, 2011

The Game

“Darth Vader vs. The Hulk” or “Led Zeppelin vs. Lynard Skynard” and “Bjorg vs. Nadal”

If you remember playing that game throughout your youth, adulthood or even if you are in advancing years, you have to be wondering if the next round is “SugarSync vs. iCloud”?

The Gamble

Unfortunately I took the path to entrusting my data to the cloud out of necessity–which is needing to get to my files on any device, any place at any time.  Yes, I did try the DropBox route and stayed there in a faithful manner until there was that teeny-tiny data breach event; check-and-mate!  I even–based on a recommendation from one of my most trusted InfoSec peers try out the Box.net world–but it was away to expensive for the amount of data that I have in my holster, so the logical move was to SugarSync.

One fateful day, I got a message in my box about a 50% sale for the 30GB [SugarSync] per year package–normally $49.95–racing my heart at a “can’t turn down pace”, I jumped on the 30-day trial and then did not cancel and decided to go “all-in” for one year; bad choice on my part, but there is hope.

The Hope

I am a technology-advocate, not a die-hard Mac, Wintel or Gear*nix user–but I can tell you I have VM’s with each/all running on all of my host platforms; but I do like the MacOS world for one reason; power-management!  So this platform I live on as the primary host-OS is part of the migratory clan that will be included in the iCloud world in very, very short order.

With an iPad, MacBook, Win7-top(s), *nix-top(s) and other drive-by computers I am confident that I can be impartial to the new Apple-offering.

SugarSync vs. iCloud

Let’s do the numbers:

  • 30GB @SugarSync = $49.95 ($1.67 per GB)
  • 25GB @iCloud = $40 ($1.60 per GB)

So we are comparing Apples to Apple (hehe)!

Support Reality

The reality is that SugarSync is going through a lot–I mean a lot–of growing pains!  Routinely I will need a file and, “oops!”.  Also, I have a problem with using the client in a VM, through a firewall, through a proxy–come on, all of my other clients (DropBox, Evernote and others) have no issues.  Now I have spent hours upon hours providing detailed network captures of the authentication error–but at the end of the day; no support for my issues from SugarSync.

Apple is an emerging solution–but come on it’s Apple; goodness and light, how can you go wrong–right?  That being said, I am not sure how a “paid” Apple service support will work; but then there are the FanBoys/Girls out there who are willing to jump through hoops to solve the smallest problem in a short amount of time.  But I do know that if I were to share the deep-dark-level of diagnostics, there would be more than a brush-off from support.

The Skinny

OK.  Apple iCloud vs. SugarSync is not really a true fair matchup–since the iCloud service is not even available today.  So “Bird-in-Hand” methodology tells me that I should be thankful for what I have and work around the kinks in the system; but come August 2012 when my renewal bill comes in from SugarSync, I think that there may be a changing of the guard of my “Cloud-data”.